COFFIN BREAK, a coffee house halloween event

COFFIN BREAK, a coffee house halloween event

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Q Cafe
  • Length:07:30 pm

Queen City Musicians presents a musical Coffee House Event for Halloween. Appearing in black capes with their faces hidden from sight, the “Orchestra of Decayed Musicians” will perform Vivaldi’s “Nightmare Concerto” (originally called “La Notte”), as the lights dim and flash about we meet our first character of madness, Bess of Bedlam.

Vivaldi, “La Notte” Concerto
Purcell, Incidental music for Oedipus Rex:
Music for a while
Come Away, Do not stay
Here ye sullen powers below
Purcell, Mad Songs:
Bess of Bedlam
Mad Maudeline
Tom of Bedlam
Let the Dreadful Engines

What are Mad Songs? “They are the 17th century version of reality shows we see on television today.” – Julianna Emanski, Producer

“They are musical works of art that expresses strong emotions with its rich texts and wild melodies. The music Purcell created for it followed suit, helping to amplify images of the text. They are not only entertaining, but also enlightening of the expressive vision of the time.
In the seventeenth century England there was a fascination with the abnormal, particularly with lunacy and the occupants of insane asylums such as Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam). Considering this fact, it is no surprise that Purcell wrote mad songs. In a way, the times have not changed, and one could say public fascination with peculiarity is still seen today in television reality shows.”
– Julianna Emanski, producer

Please join us for this fun and spooky evening!