Elliott Bay Invitational Beer Tasting

Elliott Bay Invitational Beer Tasting

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Cascade Room at Elliott Bay Brewery and Public House
  • Length:01:00 pm

Come enjoy an afternoon in our Cascade Hall together with a unique collection of 15 Barrel-aged, Blended, and Sour Beers carefully curated by Elliott Bay brewers from among some of the region’s most respected and innovative breweries.

Only 75 tickets will be made available for this special event, ensuring maximal sampling pleasure with only minimal time spent waiting in lines.

Attendees will receive event-branded glassware, worthy of the beers we plan to put in them, along with the convivial company of 74 other fine-beer enthusiasts with whom to share the experience.

There will also be a selection of delectable nosh-ables prepared by our talented kitchen crew.

We look forward to seeing you at the First of what we intend to become an Annual Invitational Beer Tasting at Elliott Bay Brewing Company.


-Black Raven / Redmond, WA
-Bomber / Vancouver, BC
-Double Mountain / Hood River, OR
-Elliott Bay / Burien, WA
-Elysian / Seattle, WA
-Engine House #9 / Tacoma, WA
-Hale’s Ales / Seattle, WA
-New Belgium / Ft. Collins, CO
-Oakshire / Eugene, OR
-Schooner Exact / Seattle, WA