Gamers Pair-a-Dice

Gamers Pair-a-Dice

  • Location:Everett, WA
  • Venue:The Manor
  • Length:05:00 pm

Welcome to Gamers Pair-a-Dice, a freestyle game room in a private mansion! Pair-a-Dice is hosted by The Zhan Event Center at The Manor, in a 29,000 sq ft Pacific Northwest-style mansion situated on beautifully manicured acreage in South Everett.

With our friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, delicious full service food menu and bar plus plenty of regular tables set up for your gaming pleasure you can focus on having fun! Bring in your table-top games, best deck or favorite character sheets (don’t forget the spares for noobs) and get your game on! We will have a limited selection of table top games on hand for you to borrow that night.

On Tuesday, October 7th, we will have a game table from Geek Chic on loan for you to check out and a chance to win one of their beautiful Deck Boxes.

At 7:00pm we will start a Cards Against Humanity Tournament, run by our experienced and Sassy Hostess. It’s a $5 cash buy-in, to play where the first player at your table to win 5 Awesome Points advances to the next round. As there can be only one, we play until it’s down to 2 horrible people; the final round is played with our Hostess as the Czar where the winner gets the pot! Space is limited for the tournament. Sign-ups start when the doors open at 5:00pm.

Pair-a-Dice is $15 and open to ages 16 and up. Admission includes our love, reserved seat for the night, unlimited soda, free parking in our private lot and a raffle ticket for you to have a chance to win a Geek Chic Deck Box! Come on out and game on at the most delightful Easter Egg in the Pacific Northwest!

Doors open at 5:00pm, and closing time is midnight. Entrance closes at 10:00pm

Questions? Just give us a call during regular business hours at 425-745-4020