Insert Coin 3

Insert Coin 3

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:The Eagle
  • Length:10:00 pm

Its one round each – now THE DECIDER! Blow in your cartridges and dust off your Link-ears – here comes INSERT COIN 3!

*** Hosted by Tyler Rush and Ashley Cook
Month on month our vodka-pistols get less accurate. Open your mouths wider this time and let our hosts fill you up!

*** Gamebreaking performance by Urethra Franklin!
She’s got heart. She’s got style. She’s got fluids. Brace yourselves.

*** Electro / tehcno / videogame music / and chip tunes
Resident Krot and special guest MOOKIE!

It’ll be beeps, boops, and beats! Dance your face paints off. I want to see a rainbow of sweated-off cosplay sticky-ing up the dance floor!

*** Retro gaming in the Eagle!
MarioKart 64 back by (ongoing) popular demand,
But what about Goldeneye? Expect a poll imminently. ACTUAL Tekken Tag (again, popular enough to make it stay. Plus there were SO MANY rematches threatened last time..), Streefighter II on the SNES and Eternal Champions on the Megadrive (I think you call it a Genesis in America).

* Relive all your PAX romances in a make-out friendly environment!
* Come taste what booze we’ve accidentally swapped for vodka in the vodka-pistols THIS time!
* Nerd out then make out!

The Eagle Seattle.10pm – 2am. 21+ $5 before 11pm, $7 after.

—— *beep* *beep* *boop* *beep* *boop* “ROUND THREE… FIGHT!” ——