PANDEMIC: Viral Videos

PANDEMIC: Viral Videos

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Northwest Film Forum
  • Length:08:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Hosted by Adam Sekuler and Lauren Berliner!

Each month, PANDEMIC turns Northwest Film Forum’s cinema into a virtual examination room, as two cultural curators poke and prod viral blights from across the interwebz.

As we’ve all experienced, viral videos infect the minds of millions with the frenzy of a water-skiing squirrel. Symptoms: debilitation and loss of productivity—much like hoof and mouth disease. Through examining infection vectors, this live video dialog takes us through vast internet archives, to examine the latest strains of you-tuberculosis.

This month, meme-machines Adam Sekuler and Lauren Berliner guide us on a quest to answer the nebulous koan of cloud life—yes, you can haz cheeseburger. . .but can you digest it?

WARNING: Content is highly contagious