Scientific Illustration of Bees

Scientific Illustration of Bees

  • Location:University District, Seattle, WA
  • Venue:HiveBio Community Lab
  • Length:09:00 am – 03:00 pm

HiveBio will be hosting an all-day retreat on the scientific illustration of bees. Proceeds will go to Urban Pollination Project, HiveBio, and UW Beekeeping Club.


9-10:15: Early arrival for learning insect collection & trapping.
10:30-11:30 or 12: Marie Clifford will lead a bee tour of the grounds.
12-12:30: lunch break.
12:30-1:00: Pinning of specimens caught earlier.
1:00-1:30: Look at different pinned specimens, Dr. Evan Sugden will discuss the various bee families and answer any and all questions about bees!
1:30-3:00: Angela Mele will lead a course on bee drawing drawing + bee drawing pin-up presentations!

Students under 18 are welcome, but they must have a parent present.

In order to acquire the materials for this class, pre-registration is required. All material for drawing will be included in registration costs.

Please contact hivebio.ed@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about this class.