Stories for Bad Children Chapter 2

Stories for Bad Children Chapter 2

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Richard Hugo House
  • Length:08:00 pm

Once upon a time there was a child who didn’t want to go to bed. So they would ask for another glass of water, or just need to finish this one book, or even brush their teeth twiceanything to keep their parents from turning out the light. Now, their parents thought they were just being naughty, but it was more than that. Because the child knew that after the lights went out, that was when the nightmares came

Vox Fabuli Puppets and Kendra & Michael Hayes team up once again to bring you Stories for Bad Children – Chapter 2, a cabaret-style show celebrating the darker paths of the fairy tale world. Stories for Bad Children – Chapter 2 plays at Hugo House, October 24 through November 1st, with a special show on Halloween.

Dark days are upon us. Let us tuck you in for tales of gleeful wickedness told through puppets, music, and dance:
cautionary puppet skullduggery from Vox Fabuli Puppets
out-of-the-box bellydance from Kendra Hayes
puppets and physical theatre twisted into shape by Good Evening, Mr. Homunculus
musical lessons in immoral morality from Rick Miller
tales of darkly deranged delight from Kelleen Conway Blanchard
more surprises and special guests to be announced

*Not intended for actual children. Recommended for patrons 15 years old and up.