The Danger Zone – Burlesque Inspired by Archer (Mult. Shows)

The Danger Zone – Burlesque Inspired by Archer (Mult. Shows)

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Theatre Off Jackson
  • Length:08:00 pm – 11:00 pm

July 17, 18, 19 at 8pm
Tickets $20/$30

Something, something The Danger Zone! Smooches & Science (JOYstick!, JOYstick! Level 2, An Evening at Merlotte’s) and Sailor St. Claire (Tuesday Tease, Accio Burlesque!) in association with Theatre Off Jackson team up to bring you burlesque inspired by the animated comedy series Archer.
Set inside the highly dysfunctional ISIS offices, The Danger Zone is a fully-scripted burlesque play that combines all the hilarity of the animated series with the sexy fun of neo-burlesque. When Malory invites a reporter to the ISIS office, her chance for good PR is quickly ruined by the nearly-naked antics of Archer, Dr. Kreiger, Pam, Cheryl, and the rest of the ISIS gang. But in a world of espionage, not everything is as simple as it seems, and the ISIS team gets more naked surprises than even they could have imagined. The Danger Zone promises to be so filthy and funny that internet porn won’t even know you’re cheating on it. 

The cast and crew of The Danger Zone includes:

Al Lykya as Barry Dylan
Fosse Jack as Ray Gillette
Hattie Hellkat as Cheryl Tunt
Jesus la Pinga as Cyril Figgis
Maggie McMuffin as Trinette Magoon
Miss Elaine Yes as Doctor Krieger’s Virtual Girlfriend/Wife
Olatsa Assassin as the reporter from Spy Monthly
Queenie O’Hart as Pam Poovey
Sailor St. Claire as Malory Archer
Scarlett O’Hairdye as Doctor Krieger
Stella D’Letto as Katya Kazanova
Vanadium Silver as Sterling Archer

Directed by Vincent J. Orduna  
Lighting design by Emily Leong 
Script written by Steve Stone  

Tickets for The Danger Zone go on sale June 9 via BrownPaperTickets. The “Shitass Seats” are general admission and are available for $20. The “Sploosh Zone” is preferred reserved seating in the first two rows of the theatre and is available for $30. 

This show is how you get ants. 

Date: Thursday, July 17 / Friday, July 18 / Saturday, July 19 Times: 8 PM (Doors 7:30) 
Cost: $20 “Shit Ass Seats” (General Admission); $30 “Sploosh Zone” (Reserved Seating in Preferred Areas) Place: 
Theatre Off Jackson Accessibility: TOJ is wheelchair accessible. Please contact the producers or TOJ if you require accommodations for wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

No photography allowed and please note that 20 minutes after the show starts there will be no late seating.