The Internet’s Own Boy [Multiple Shows]

The Internet’s Own Boy [Multiple Shows]

  • Location:Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
  • Venue:Northwest Film Forum
  • Length:08:00 pm

In 2011, the Federal Government indicted Reddit co-founder and internet activist Aaron Swartz for downloading thousands of academic journal articles without paying fees. The messy battle that followed put Swartz’s idealistic view of the Internet as an equalizing force of democratic information sharing on trial, and ultimately concluded when Swartz committed suicide in the face of a 35-year prison sentence.

Through a mix of touching interviews with his closest confidants and erudite commentary on intellectual property rights, SOPA, and the labyrinthine legal nature of Aaron’s case, The Internet’s Own Boy chronicles Swartz’s remarkable story, as he fitfully grows from a precocious pre-teen who played a pivotal role in designing the architecture of RSS, to a long haired Occupy folk hero who fought regulations of internet free speech and championed data sharing as a human right.