The Zombie Run Extreme/Black Ops

The Zombie Run Extreme/Black Ops

  • Location:McLeary, WA
  • Venue:Straddleline ORV Park
  • Length:All Day
Experience a real life escape from zombies! This annual Zombie run is for tough guys and gals as humans must maneuver through treacherous obstacles.
THE ZOMBIE RUN: EXTREME is a mud-filled, daytime 5K obstacle course through a zombie-infested wasteland.  Register as a human and maneuver through 3.1 miles of mud, blood, and brains, with 8 treacherous obstacles, and a hoard of 700 ravenous zombies on your heels.  Or, sign up as one of the zombies and receive a free movie-quality makeover before heading to the course to chase after the humans and steal their life-flags.
THE ZOMBIE RUN: BLACK OPS is an awesomely terrifying nighttime obstacle run through 3.1 miles of a zombie-infested darkness.  Register as a human and let your fear guide you through the terrors of a 5K course teeming with mud, blood, fire barrels, and zombies lurking in the night.  Or, sign up as one of the zombies to receive a movie-quality makeover before making your way to the course to terrorize the humans as they attempt to escape the clutches of your cold, undead hands.