To Be Takei (Multiple Screenings)

To Be Takei (Multiple Screenings)

TICKETS COMING SOON! From a World War II internment camp to “Star Trek” to online celebrity, George Takei’s journey has been filled with the unexpected. This crowd-pleasing documentary peeks into the public and private lives of the actor turned equal rights activist and gay icon and his lovable husband, Brad.

Years after becoming one of the first Asian-American actors to appear on primetime television, George Takei now spends his time fighting for the liberty and love that matters to so many of us. From Takei’s rich and complicated past in a WWII internment camp to breaking stereotypes as one of the most beloved characters on “Star Trek” to becoming a champion of gay rights and a social media icon–Jennifer Kroot’s funny and moving documentary follows the life of a man who has truly gone where no man has gone before.

For more screenings and information, please visit the To Be Takei official website: http://www.tobetakei.com/